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Author Topic: FACTION RULES  (Read 47 times)


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« on: May 15, 2018, 12:56:13 PM »

A player cannot have leadership over two different factions at once.

Promotion systems should be followed. This means that a player should not be receiving promotions easily or for no reason.

Faction Hopping is not allowed without the appropriate consent. You must wait a minimum of 1 week before applying to another/the same faction. (this rule could be break with a permission of Faction Admin )

Faction tool abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Specific examples include abusing tazers, radios, cuffs etc - every faction has its own form of tool abuse, you should be made aware of this.

Broadcast commands (/gov) must be used only for their IC intended purpose. Trolling in any form will not be tolerated, and will be treated as Non-RP behaviour.

Selling, buying or giving factions/faction ranks is forbidden (IC or OOC).

Players require admin approval to raid family HQ , and there must be at least 5 relevant faction members online at the time of the raid beginning.

Live recruitment sessions, for any faction, require permission from Faction Admin.

All roleplay situations involving yourself or your faction directly should be reacted to in a serious, literal and realistic manner. For example, hostage situations should be handled with the safety of the hostages and other LEOs in mind at all times. Anyone breaking this will be punished for non-RP behaviour.

You can put a player in temporary lock down (e.g. held in a prison cell for interrogation) for a maximum of 30 minutes. However, an OOC agreement can be made between both parties to keep the player contained for as long as agreed. Either party breaking such agreement will be punished for powergaming.

/mask can be used in a variety of ways to conceal one's identity. Some people (with appropriate roleplay/realistic access to such things) use facial prosthetics and use /mask as a way of concealing their identity through this method, which is perfectly acceptable through roleplay. However, if no roleplay is done prior to the /mask command being used, by default, it'll be roleplayed as being some sort of face cover, like a normal mask. WEARING MASK WITH OUT VALID REASON IS PROHIBITED.

Joining turfs is prohibited unless someone will lure or inform you icly about it.

Corruption is not allowed for rank 1 members, and only minor corruption are allowed for rank2 +.

For family investigations and tiers please check read this link http://forum.sc-rp.us/index.php?topic=4.0
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